Post-conference Excursion

Attention! The list of participants in the post-conference excursion is closed.

Deadline for Post-conference excursion registration: 15th June 2016.

Deadline for Post-conference excursion payment: 15th July 2016.

Note! the number of excursion participants is limited to 20 or 40 persons.

Preliminary programme

    14th Sep. - travel by bus from Poznań to Gugny, Biebrza Marshes (16:30-23:00)
    15th - 16th Sep. - attractions of the Biebrza National Park (rut of elks Alces alces, gaggle of cranes Grus grus, walking excursion on marshes, bonfire)
    16th Sep. - travel by bus from Gugny to Białowieża (18:00-20:30)
    17th18th Sep. - attractions of Białowieża Forest (stalking wild forest bison Bison bonasus, visits to the Strict Reserve, the Museum of the Białowieża National Park, and the Show Reserve)
    18th Sep. - travel by bus from Białowieża to Warszaw and Poznań (15:00-23:00)

    Note 1. We recommend to the excursion participants to select Warsaw as departure/starting point of their return journey/flights.

    Note 2. In the case of a high number of participants (40 or so) we consider the possibility of creating two groups of alternate programmes:

    • Group 1: days 1st and 2nd in Biebrza, days 3rd and 4th in Białowieża
    • Group 2: days 1st and 2nd in Białowieża, days 3rd and 4th in Biebrza


The cost of the post-conference excursion is estimated between 300 EUR to 375 EUR.

    a) the lower price depends on:

    • participants agreement to be accommodated in the Field Station in Gugny and private lodges in Białowieża (low price but lower standard),
    • a small number of participants (up to 20) that require renting a smaller and cheaper bus, less guides in national parks and reserves, etc.
    • In the Gugny Field Station (belonging to the Institute of Biology at the University of Białystok) only two 2-person bedrooms with bathrooms and showers will be available. Besides, there are two large students' bedrooms (for 10 people each) on the attic with access to common bathrooms and showers, as well as a small kitchen and a dining room. For more details, see:

    b) the higher price depends on:

    • accommodation of participants in more expensive: pension Dobarz Dwór near Gugny and a hotel in Białowieża,
    • a larger number of participants (up to 40) that require renting a bigger and more expensive bus or two small buses, less guides in national parks and reserves, etc.
    • purchase of the insurance in Poland.

    For more details about the pension Dobarz Dwór, see:,pokoje_we_dworze,60.html

    So, registering for excursion, please select cheaper or more expensive option according to the above mentioned conditions.

    Note! the final/exact prices of the excursion will be given after the information about the number of participants and their selection of accommodation standard are collected.

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