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Faculty of Biology

Adam Mickiewicz University
Collegium Biologicum

Umultowska 89
61-614 Poznań

How to get to Poznań?

By plane: Most comfortable way to get to Conference is by plane as Poznań has international airport “Ławica”. Nevertheless, this is small airport and it does not supports all the intercontinental flights.
You can also fly to Berlin (about 250 km west of Poznań, well connected by shuttles e.g., trains, and buses e.g. or to Warsaw (about 310 km east of Poznań, well connected by trains

By train: Poznań has very good international train connections, especially from western and eastern directions. See for details.

By car: Thanks to the highway A2, Poznań is easily accessible by car (or bus) from western and eastern directions. Modernized roads S11 and E261 secure also comfortable connections from the north and the south.

How to find us in Poznań?

By tram: Lines 12, 14, 15, 16, 19 and 26 to the final tram-stop “os. Jana III Sobieskiego” (about 15-20 minutes from the center) and 10-15 minutes walk to the Collegium Biologicum.

By bus: Line 98 directly to the University Campus or lines 51, 74, 76, 85, 88, 91 and 93 or the final bus-stop “os. Jana III Sobieskiego” (about 25-40 minutes from the center) and 10-15 minutes walk to the Collegium Biologicum.

How to move around the city?

In Poznań, we have a well-developed network of trams and buses. Buses and trams run every 12-20 minutes from 4:30 am to 11:00 pm (day service) and every 30 minutes from 11:00 pm to 4:30 am (night service). You can buy tickets inside most of the buses or trams, ticket machines at the stops or at a newsagent’s. Machines have menu in English, German and Spanish. There is one type of tickets for both buses and trams, day or night service. Most of the ticket are time tickets, some of them allow for passage (change between consecutive buses or trams). Below you will find prices of tickets:

  • 10 min – 3.00 PLN (normal), 1.50 PLN (student)
  • 40 min – 4.60 PLN (normal), 2.30 PLN (student)
  • 24 h – 13.60 PLN (normal), 6.80 PLN (student)
  • 48 h – 21.00 PLN (normal), 10.50 PLN (student)
  • 72 h – 27.00 PLN (normal), 13.50 PLN (student)

For three days stay we recommend the 3-day (72h) tickets.

Remember to validate your ticket inside trams or buses after you get on. Tickets allow you to change between buses and trams.

We recommend this website: (or free* mobile app “jakdojade”, the app is free for Android users but charges a small fee in case of Apple devices, less than 1 euro) to find your way using public transport in Poznań.
Type in your current spot and your destination and the app will show you all available public transportation options. It is fast, easy, and stress-free!

Taxis are relatively cheap and reliable in Poznań. For example, the M1 Taxi Corporation charge is 1.74 PLN/km during he day (6:00 am - 10:00 pm) with the initial charge of 4.94 PLN. It means that you can travel ca. 10 km for less than 5 EUR. You can call it: 61 8 222 222, or write an SMS 605 522 222. You may also want to use an mobile app. Simply look for “M1 Taxi Poznań” in your app store. We recommend sms or app as there might be communications problems once you will try to clearly communicate the name of the street during the phone call (Polish is not the most easy language to speak! :)).

The other mobile apps that you can use include iTaxi or Uber.

Try to avoid taxis that simply wait at the railway station or airport. Some of them are not affiliated taxi drives that can overcharge you. Anyway, if you will see the sign “M1 Taxi” or “Radio Taxi” and a lot of sticks with commercials on the car don’t be worried :). M1 Taxi gives 20% discount if you order it by phone or app.
You can also always ask the hotel’s receptionist to call the taxi.

Department of Systematic Zoology, Faculty of Biology, Adam Mickiewicz University

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